Entry #1


2008-04-15 19:35:29 by Thatguy700

I hope to be, in the future, a counselor . I will need some practice, and you people are my guinie pigs . If you or a friend or loved one have a problem, PM me and tell me the whole story. I hope to make the world a better place!!! Thankyou.( I CAN'T GET OVER HOW FUNNY THIS PICTURE IS!)



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2008-04-15 20:11:21

It's supposed to be "counselor".
welcome to newgrounds, if you need help with anything contact me

Thatguy700 responds:

Thanks for the correction. lol. I am honered to name you the first one to comment on my entries.


2008-04-19 12:55:27

lol, that image is kinda funny, but if you really can't get over it suggest you see some help. Ninjas should stop being funny and random when you hit 13-ish.

Thatguy700 responds:

Im 12